Patient Resources

A collection of resources put together by BCI Clinicians to help you on your treatment journey. They are updated 4 times a year to ensure they are up to date.

These resources are practical rather than informational and aim to help you navigate your treatment and keep well. For informational resources, see BCI Factsheets


It is recommended you look at each section in order. 




1. Before Your First Appointment


People who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer or DCIS and have an upcoming appointment at BCI to meet with a Breast Surgeon.



1. Coping with a New Diagnosis
2. Preparing for Your First Appointment




2. Preparing For Treatment


Those who have attended their first appointment with their Specialist Breast Surgeon and have a treatment plan. Preparing your body and mind for your upcoming treatment, whatever that may be. Suitable for all patients.



1. What is Prehabilitation?
2. BCI Maple Tree Program

4. Movement and Exercise
3. Gathering your Support Network
5. Diet and Nutrition
6. Mental and Emotional Wellbeing
7. Workplace and Employment



3. Treatment


For people who are currently receiving treatment OR completed treatment recently.


It is highly recommended you visit the ALL Patients  section first for information about:

1. Exercise
2. Practical Support
3. Emotional and Social Wellbeing
4. Financial support
5. Clinical trials
6. Complementary therapy


For resources for help managing side effects and symptoms based on treatment type, select from the following: