Term 4 Supportive Care Yoga Classes for BCI

Term 4 supportive care yoga classes for BCI will start on 13 October to 15 December running each Tuesday (6 to 7.30pm) and Thursday (11am to 12.30pm).


Join the online restorative group activities at home or outdoors and connect with others who have lived BC experience via SCY Facebook & Zoom video.


Classes take a multilevel approach so whether you’ve never done yoga or you’re a regular you’ll feel welcome and comfortable building each week so that movements get easier and graded to your strength and stamina.


All yoga equipment is provided although you can bring your own mat. Friends and carers are welcome to join you. Please advise the BCI clinicians when you would like to commence by phoning 8890 9695 and providing your best contact phone and email to receive your SCY welcome pack.


Download the information sheet for more details and note strict health regulations apply to attending yoga classes, to be monitored according to NSW government updates.