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Additional Resources

Preparing for Treatment

The benefits of preparing your body for surgery and cancer treatment include, reduced treatment-related side effects, reduced complications, quicker recovery and return to your normal fitness level and more likely to maintain or improve physical fitness and overall wellness.

Active Treatment

There are many types of treatments that are the standard of care for early-stage and locally advanced breast cancer. An individualised treatment plan is created by your cancer care team and active treatment can involve a combination of surgery, radiotherapy, systemic treatment and supportive care.

Completed Treatment

When a breast cancer patient has completed hospital-based treatment, they transition to multidisciplinary follow-up care. Completed treatment can be from a combination of surgery, radiotherapy and systemic treatment like chemotherapy or hormone therapy. Follow-up care plans aid in the detection and management of treatment-related side effects. You will be eager to enter this new phase after treatment and move towards a life beyond breast cancer. This is a great time to implement strategies to remain well, which can include maintaining a healthy body weight, exercise and mindfulness.

Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies are often used in addition to conventional medical treatments that are recommended by your cancer care team. Popular complementary therapies that can improve your physical & emotional wellbeing include massage, acupuncture, reiki, yoga and meditation.

Information For Carers

One of the most important resources on the breast cancer journey is the support network of the person with cancer. This may include friends and family who take on a carer role. If you are the carer or support person for someone going through breast cancer treatment, you may need help in navigating the world of cancer as well as how to care for yourself. Arming yourself with information may help you feel empowered as you take on the breast cancer journey hand in hand with your loved one. Always remember - you are not alone and there are people who want to help.

Research Studies Recruiting Now

Information on current research studies who are looking for participants. You may meet the criteria to participate in a study and experience the benefits of new and upcoming treatment plus help shape the future of holistic breast cancer care.