Associate Professor Judy Kirk

Cancer genetics

Name: Associate Professor Judy Kirk

Speciality: Cancer Genetics
Westmead Breast Cancer Institute
Address: PO Box 143 WESTMEAD NSW 2145
Phone: 02 8890 6947
Fax: 02 8890 9217
E-mail: judy.kirk@sydney.edu.au


Associate Professor Kirk is the Director of the Familial Cancer Service at Westmead Hospital, a service that provides genetic counselling and testing for families with a strong family history of cancer.

Associate Professor Kirk has played a key role in setting national priorities and standards through clinical leadership, liaison with associated medical and surgical sub-specialties, links with key cancer organizations and executive roles in preparation of NHMRC/NBOCC/Cancer Australia Clinical Practice Guidelines in this rapidly evolving field of medicine.

She participates in local and national research regarding the familial aspects of cancer.