Clinical Care

The Westmead Breast Centre provides comprehensive, co-ordinated clinical care for patients with breast cancer and non-cancer breast disease. This is achieved through collaboration of a team of health care professionals to manage linkage of screening, diagnosis (including a comprehensive breast imaging and diagnostic service), treatment (inclusive of surgery and adjuvant therapies), supportive care and follow up of patients. This clinic first opened in 1995 and since this time thousands of patients have been through the doors of the clinic.

Patients who attend the centre will have the benefit of the collective wealth of experience that an expert multi-disciplinary team brings. This team comprises surgeon, radiation oncologist, medical oncologist, pathologist, radiologist, breast care nurse and allied health professionals including a dedicated clinical psychologist as needed for each individual patient. All imaging and biopsy investigations are available, with a comprehensive breast imaging and biopsy service on site at the clinic.