Research Program

The Westmead Breast Cancer Institute (BCI) research program supports collaborative research and currently has partnerships with clinical and research institutions both nationally and internationally. The BCI  has established Westmead Breast Cancer Research Collaborative group (WBCRC) to promote innovative, high impact breast cancer research across the Westmead  campus through cross disciplinary partnership and collaboration. We believe successful collaboration among researchers and other health care stakeholders will lead to innovation in research and more rapid translation into clinical practice.

The BCI maintains close links to Sydney West Translational Cancer Research Centre , The Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre,  Westmead Institute for Medical Research  and Western Sydney Local Health District Research & Education Network .

The research program at the BCI comprises six broad research streams investigating the development, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of early stage breast cancer.


Research streams and lead clinicians

Stream Lead clinicians
Breast Surgery Elisabeth Elder / James French /Farid Meybodi
Axilla Elisabeth Elder / James French /Farid Meybodi
Pathology & Prognostic factors Nirmala Pathmanathan
Radiotherapy Kirsty Stuart / Tim Wang
Behavioural Medicine & Health Psychology Geaty Hamid
Breast Screening Nirmala Pathmanathan / Susan Grayson


Westmead Breast Cancer Institute Research Advisory Committee

All research undertaken at the BCI is governed by the Westmead Breast Cancer Institute Research Advisory Committee (RAC). The RAC conduct a clinical review of all proposed research projects undertaken at BCI.

Research Advisory Committee members assist in the review of project proposals and provide comments when relevant to their area of specialty. They are also responsible for overseeing the efficient conduct of each study within their area of specialty, ensuring appropriate milestones are achieved.

BCI Research Committee:

  • Director of Research (chair) – A/Prof Elisabeth Elder
  • BCI Service Director – A/Prof Nirmala Pathmanathan
  • Director – Strategic Operations – Susan Hamill
  • Research Manager – Masrura Kabir
  • Research Nurses – Carol Tse
  • Project Officer Research – Surabhi Bhargava and Jyotsna Das
  • Research Data Analyst – Jack Yong
  • Health Psychologist – Geaty Hamid
  • Representative from  radiation Oncology- Dr Kirsty Stuart
  • Representative from medical oncology – Dr Phuong Dinh and Dr Rina Hui
  • Representative from Westmead Institute of Medical Research  – Dr Dinny Graham

Researchers interested in undertaking research with the BCI:

If you are interested in undertaking research with the Westmead Breast Cancer Institute, or if you would like to discuss your research project or the approval process with a member of the committee, please email our Research Manager (@BCI-Research).

Once the RAC approves the project, you must obtain ethics approval from a lead Human Research Ethics committee. Usually we submit our projects to the Western Sydney Local Health District Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) for the ethical review but researchers are free to choose any lead ethics committee. All research conducted at the BCI must obtain site specific assessment approval (SSA) by Western Sydney Local Health District Research Governance Office (RGO) prior to the project commencement. SSA must be obtained for each site.


Useful Links

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Participation in a Research Study