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Medical Professionals of Westmead Breast Cancer Institute

Westmead Breast Cancer Institute(WBCI) has an advanced level of medical professionals in wide range of disciplines. Their outstanding contribution and service to educational, research and medical field in WBCI are what the main strenths of the institute. WBCI highly values their hard work, commitment and dedication.

Below is the list of medical professionals in different departments of WBCI.

Breast Surgeons

Dr. James French

Dr. Lynn Mann

Dr. Elisabeth Elder

Dr. Jeremy Hsu

Dr. Farid Meybodi

Radiation Oncologists

Dr. Verity Ahern

Dr. Kirsty Stuart

Dr. Tim Wang

Medical Oncologists

Prof. Paul Harnett

A/Prof. Nicholas Wilcken

Dr. Rina Hui

Dr. Clara Inkyung Lee

Breast Physicians

Dr. Meagan Brennan

Dr. Suellyn Kennedy

Dr. Bronwyn Kennedy

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Thomas Lam


Dr. Robert Schamschula

Dr. Natacha Borecky

Dr. George McIvor

Dr. Michael Vowels

Dr. Mohamed Nasseridine


A/Prof. Nirmala Pathmanathan

Dr. Hema Mahajan

Dr. Dariush Daneshvar

Dr. Shaun Chou


Ms. Harj Bariana

Ms. Carrie-Anne Finch

Ms. Selin Prasad

Ms. Susan Ho

Nurse Unit Manager

Ms. Mary Sweeney

Specialist Breast Care Nurse

Ms. Jenny Cooper

Breast Care Nurses

Ms. Mary Sweeney

Ms. Sarah Laffin

Ms. Helen Dower

Ms. Jane Gillingham

Ms. Rosemary Winter

Clinical Trials Nurse

Ms. Bronwyn Chalmers