Preparing for Treatment


Advice and Support Starting Your Journey

Work, Financial, and Legal Support


The introduction of ‘prehabilitation’

The introduction of ‘prehabilitation’ helps personalise recommendations for lifestyle, in order to maximise resilience to treatment. The implementation of ‘prehabilitation’ soon after diagnosis will help women feel empowered to improve their health. Having a healthy diet and exercising may improve a person’s response to cancer treatment and overall wellbeing.
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Work, Financial, and legal support in your region

"Work, Financial, and legal support in your region. Let’s talk money. Finances can be challenging during the breast cancer journey and it’s important to know what options are available. Click here to search work, financial and legal support available in your area: "
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Financial support

Here you can find a wide range of organisations and health professionals who can help you manage the financial impact of cancer, including legal and financial advice:
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Living with breast cancer

"Living with breast cancer. National Breast Cancer Foundation provides links to information that may help you cope with cancer after diagnosis, during treatment and after treatment has finished: "
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Myths about breast cancer

Myths about breast cancer. You will hear a lot of information from people, websites and other sources during your breast cancer journey, but not all information is true. This Breast Cancer Network Australia explains common myths, like wireless bras and scientific evidence about deodorants, so that you can make decisions with confidence:
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List of credible breast cancer websites

This Breast Cancer Network Australia fact sheet provides a list of credible breast cancer website with trustworthy, science-based information.
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Evi Q Chemotherapy Protocols

Once you have met your medical oncologist and understand your regime for chemotherapy, use this resource to keep track and understand what to expect. Includes regime and dosage information plus possible side effects.
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Everything you need to know

Cancer council provides podcasts on every possible topic regarding breast cancer - from treatment, to managing carer responsibilities.
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